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Month: October 2022


A little round up of things in my head and life right at this moment in time:

  1. Life is very fkn busy, but good busy!
  2. Running well and enjoying it but looking forward to life being a little less busy later next year so I can get some PBs! 
  3. I am keen for some shorter road races in 2023 – did I mention PBs?
  4. Photo taken at London Mara – I am racing Frankfurt next weekend! Pai is coming too and that’s nice.
  5. I love Pai very much.
  6. I really like drawing and making stuff from clay with her kids.
  7. I really love my job with HOKA – very grateful to be able to work in the run industry with the best shoe brand.
  8. Fave job things – Carplay, fizzy water on tap at HQ (it’s so cold) and spending time in my lock up needing a wee.
  9. I also love organising running events, meeting rad people & helping people find the perfect shoe.
  10. Taking a chilled self-care weekend this weekend!
  11. Dishwashers are a total unnecessary waste of existence and should be banned.
  12. See above point and swap dishwasher for Tories.
  13. Really loving college and counselling – it keeps me grounded, connected and calm.
  14. College is also keeping me very fkn busy but again, good busy.
  15. I miss my dogs but getting them this eve and going to do some head patting.
  16. Trying to do one day at a time and trusting the process but also, VERY EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE.
  17. I am a vegan. Did you know?
  18. I eat so many bagels and drink a lot of poncy coffee.
  19. Never describe your penis as a Skin Calippo.
  20. Shall we go for a run sometime?
  21. Enjoying new albums from Ginger & The Sinners & The Flatliners.
  22. Pai calls me “The Modern Day Minstrel” because I like singing theme tunes for everything we do. Not everything.
  23. It’s totally fine to drop stuff and not do everything 100% all of the time.
  24. Nearly at the end now, just a parkrun to go.
  25. Fkn dishwashers are stupid. Join my washing up revolution!
  26. Last mile – you’ve made it.

26.2 – THE FINISH LINE – thanks for reading. Expect more mara-spam & dishwasher hate soon! πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ πŸ₯¨πŸ»πŸƒβ€β™‚️

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