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Month: February 2020


YES, it’s a massive clickbait title to get you to read the blog so I become a famous running blogger and make loads of money from ads and sell out to every running brand out there. I jest of course but I also apologise – all will become apparent soon!

The clue is in this picture.

I really enjoyed January. Well, every day and week has it’s ups and downs but my January was defined by 202 miles of running, a handful of Gladiator Camps (a circuit class I attend in Petersfield) and even the odd bike ride including some Watt Bike intervals. Highlights include: Stubbington 10k (38:03 – unfit but used it as a training run), Farnborough HM (1:22:17 – getting fitter, 2 weeks after the 10k race), and this was sandwiched with an 18:17 at Southsea parkrun. None of these were anywhere near PBs but I enjoyed them all and I am loving the journey to get fit again and into PB shape. Have a looksy on my Strava.

Stubbington 10k – look how happy that onlooker is.

BRAGGING aside, my month was defined by one single run. My friend, Chris Dettmar, took me out for a run and made me run out of my comfort zone and reminded me how to run fast. This was in terms of posture, cadence and technique but also WANTING to run fast. I have that hunger back again and since then I’ve been working a bit harder on my easy runs, and training in general, to get me back to where I was before. I think all the marathon training in 2019 made me slow and steady and got me away from running fast. Posi vibes, eh?

Bring a dog to parkrun they said, it’ll make you faster they said. He had 3 poos.

I love watching people run. It doesn’t matter to me how fast anyone runs. If I see someone jogging out on the streets, it just makes me think about how that person is trying to improve themselves. Running is the best physical form of self-improvement, in my opinion anyway! Obviously there’s lots of other physical activities and any exercise is good but there’s something just so inspirational in watching people run and run as hard as they can. I’ve also smashed the whole ‘not comparing myself to others’ this month. I don’t give a flying fuck about how fast other people are, I love seeing people do well and improve themselves and I am loving living in my progress, too.

Post Farnborough HM with Row – she ran with a cold, bless her.

This year is all about the consistency for me – I ran 202 miles in Jan but my aim is to be around that mark every month and to build on it for if I run Valencia Marathon in December. I think if I am consistent in training rather than trying to run closer to 300 miles for a couple of months and getting injured, then I will be in the PB ballpark before long. I’ve entered Fleet HM and Eastleigh 10k in March, and will be fun to see how much faster I am than my Jan races!

Rowena (my very loud and excellent runner GF) and I watched the Disney running film ‘McFarland’ last night. If you’re into Kevin Costner, cheese and running, then this is the film for you. It’s about a school who start a running team and they’re the underdogs and then they get good, and people do crying and it’s cute and you get the gist. One for a weekend cuddle on the sofa whilst still soaking up all those positive running vibes.

Stop looking at my vagina FFS. New Year’s Day double parkrun, feels like years ago now.

I am also proud to say that I am gonna be part of the Hoka Racer team again for 2020 – which means I better get myself into PB shape and do those sexy, cushioned shoes proud. I think last year I was a bit like, “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR NICE SHOES AND EVERYONE IS BETTER THAN ME, I AM BAD, WHY ME FOR NICE SHOES” but as I’ve binned off the whole comparing thing, I am now completely deserving of nice things because I am a lovely boy with a nose like a dolphin (this is what Row says!). Fave shoes this month are the Rincon – I wasn’t 100% on them at first but I’ve done 150 miles in them now and I am using them for everything from tempo runs to long runs. They’re really light and cushioned like all HOKA shoes but I’d say they’re a faster Clifton and a good all rounder – go try some on but make sure they suit you. I don’t think they will be banned any time soon either 😉

Frenzal approves of the Rincon or he can smell dogpiss.

Classic blogging trick to leave the clickbait story ’til the end so you have to read all my other bollocks first. I was running in the Farnborough HM and got to about 12 miles, and had been running on my own for most of the race, when I heard two runners behind me. I looked and it was the GB Olympic runner, Andy Vernon. He said “do you want to latch on” and I was like “yes please mr fast man” and managed to hold on for a quicker last mile and finish the race strongly. I did come ahead of him technically but bear in mind that he was on a 20 mile training run at that pace – I was blowing out of my arse. Fun though and now you’ve read all the way to the end, and it’s a bit like watching a film that you know is gonna be shite but you still watch it and then you’re all like “why did I watch this shite film all the way to the end?!”

See, there’s clearly an Olympian running behind me in a race. Always got enough energy to show off.

That’s it for Jan – I am hoping to do a round up blog every month but also some other winning content regarding all things positive and running. Who knows, I am a bloody maverick aren’t I.

Happy running, everyone xo